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ADESA Canada Price Index

The ADESA Canada Used Vehicle Price Index

ADESA Canada is the largest provider of wholesale used vehicle auctions in Canada. The Index is calculated from millions of pieces of sales data from ADESA Canada's live open bidding auctions.

October 2018

The ADESA Canada Used Vehicle Price Index has been updated through September 2018.  The index increased after being adjusted for seasonality. Wholesale prices increased on average by 0.1% M-o-M.

October 2018 new light vehicle sales settled at 161,125 units, falling approximately three thousand units shy of October 2017 sales. Year-to-date sales remained negative, down 1.6% compared to 2017. While 2018 sales figures have underperformed relative to the all-time record set in 2017, 2018 still remains the second highest selling year on record and is 3.9% higher year-to-date when compared to 2016. October 2018 sales similarly settled as the second highest on record. Despite a slight overall slowdown relative to 2017, several brands—including high volume contenders—outperformed the market and posted positive sales;

  • Among the luxury brands, Land Rover (+20.9%) and Porsche (+19.5%) recorded strong double digit sales and were the growth leaders in the industry
  • Hyundai noted 11,373 units sold in October, an increase of 12.0% year-over-year despite a slowdown year-to-date
  • Subaru, continuing an ongoing trend of strong sales posted an 11.1% sales increase for October and 6.9% year-to-date
  • Toyota sales increased 9.9% in October while combined October sales for Toyota and Lexus (+10.2%) at 21,672 units helped push them into the second highest volume slot for the month, narrowly edging out Ford (21,414 units)

Sales slowdowns among more mainstream brands such as FCA (-14.8%), General Motors (-12.9%), and Honda (-8.7%) had a noticeable impact on the overall market count.

Overall passenger car sales reached 45,417 units, down 6.9% compared to October 2017. Light truck sales remained near par with 115,653 units sold in October, up just over two hundred units from last year. Year-to-date light truck sales remained positive with a 2.0% sales increase at 70.5% of the total market.

Price movements by segment were all negative in October. Compact SUVs showed the most drastic decrease at -6.6% ($834), followed by Midsize SUVs at -5.8% ($919), Minivans at -5.6% ($566), Mid Compact vehicles at -4.1% ($339), Midsize vehicles at -3.1% ($310), and Fullsize Pickups at -1.8% ($429).

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